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Discover Northeast Michigan in the Time of Elvis

Drive-ins, poodle skirts, and rock 'n' roll are the foundation of this exhibit running now.

Our Permanent Features

Presque Isle County's General Stores

Whatever the citizens of Presque Isle County were looking to buy, they could find it at the well-stocked general store.  No matter how small, there was a general store in every Presque Isle County town. Walk through time and get a feel for the products and services that were available to people in the area.

The Bradley Transportation Exhibit

A wholly owned subsidiary of Michigan Limestone, the Bradley boats transported Rogers City’s most valuable product and employed many Presque Isle County residents. Learn about this fleet of 11 vessels that sailed the Great Lakes and the men that devoted their lives to the open water.

The Carl D. Bradley
Glawe, one of Presque Isle County's one-room school houses

The One-Room School Houses of Presque Isle County

The youngsters of Presque Isle County were educated in one-room school houses in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Step into the classroom and experience what it was like to be a student…or a teacher… in the late 1800s.

The Calcite Screenings

From October 1926 until the Winter of 1963 Michigan Limestone & Chemical Company/Michigan Limestone Division published the Calcite Screenings, a periodical that covered news, promoted safety, and featured personal columns and goings on at all of the different plants under the Michigan Limestone banner as well as the ships of the Bradley Transportation Company. Originally a monthly magazine they would get published between 2-4 times a year; usually in the Spring and Fall with other special issues published as well, such as for Christmas or Easter. Beginning in 1957 the name of the magazine was changed to the ML Screenings. Publication continued until the Winter 1963 issue as Michigan Limestone would be dissolved in January of 1964 as US Steel reorganized and made all of the quarries originally under Michigan Limestone jurisdiction independent entities. The PICHM has managed to digitize the Calcite Screenings collection and has put them in one place for you to view or download for research purposes.

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